Finally a new post here. It's been a while, i should probably post more often but I never really take the time for it. I'm going to try to update this place a bit more often, maybe once a week at least to share my new artworks and thought about them.

This year i'm doing the Inktober challenge, if you don't know about it it's right here

This piece is day 3 " Roasted" and it was a lot of fun for sure ^^

For once I drew a hot dude ! I just thought it would be a nice twist to the word, instead of drawing a roasted chicken or something similar, I had the idea of someone under the sun.

I'm goint to collect all art for the challenge and make a little book at the end of the month.

Below are Day 1 Poisonous, Day 2 is Tranquil and Day 3 is Roasted.

Hope you'll like the art as much as I like them ^^

I mostly used a black waterbrush pen, a fineliner 0.1mm, and white hightlights.

I also shaded with some Copic Markers.

Check out the video here

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